What the hell are you doing?

For REAL....

Ask yourself.

If you keep doing the same fucking shit you've been doing your entire f*cking life, you'll keep getting the same f*cking results.

This is common SENSE

Excuses DON'T work, your parents advice doesn't work cause they haven't achieved what you want to achieve, your teachers are not in a position to teach you about life if their life sucks!

For once Get REAL with YOURSELF

For once....

It's Friday evening here for us and most people are leaving their work to go celebrate their sadness....


Celebrate their sadness, as weird as that sounds, it'sTRUE.

How much are you celebrating?

Why are you watching TV so much?
Have you already secured the financial future of your children and grandchildren?
Are you free financially?
What are you doing waking up after the 7AM?
If you hate your job so much, what do you do celebrating weekends?
Why aren't you doing something about it?
Why aren't you doing something right now?

All those shitty unhealthy, time consuming habits have brought you nothing but more pain and self-hate AND you Know it!

All these habits are escapism mechanisms!

Why would a happy person watch TV all day?

Why would a happy person drink alcohol all day to get wasted and feel good?

When YOU love your LIFE, you don't try to escape it with momentary comfort.

The only way to feel good with yourself is to address all this bullshit and finally get real with yourself!
Stop blaming the government.

Stop blaming the economy.

Stop blaming the banks.
Stop blaming your boss.
Stop blaming your lack of money.

There are No victims who are rich!
Come out and make it freaking happen!

As I said, Some go out to celebrate today and forget their sadness...
The problem is that sadness reappears on Monday morning when they get up to do a job they hate.

If you don't like what you do from Monday to Friday, you should be doing something from Saturday to Sunday to change that.

The rich invest their time.... all the others throw away their time celebrating this day, to escape momentary of the prison in which they live.

Wolf Fam....
We're just going to play this game once!


Do something about it....

Live your DREAMS!



  • What a well written piece explaining how most people are railroaded into living the lives others plan out for them, parents, family, teacher’s – all teaching what they were told – making most of them miserable – much better to work for/towards your own dreams and a life fulfilled!

  • I love this post. It is such a powerful truth. It is all about the right mindset, which you are mastering. Very smart young man!


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